Electric Vehicle

In the past kids were happy to get a cute doll or a bow and arrow set from their parents, but these days advances in technology have given children a wider range of fantastic toys; there are realistic 3D games, talking teddy bears, remote controlled mini helicopters and now the latest craze to hit the toy store shelves is the hot wheels electric vehicles. If you re struggling to think of the perfect gift for your son or daughter this Christmas, then you might want to consider buying them one of these miniature sized cars.

Power wheels electric vehicles have become a must have gift for any child this holiday season, in fact if you don t want to hear your kids endlessly beg you to buy them one for Christmas, then I recommend that you hide all advertisements from them. They come in a wide range of different models from the fancy ford mustang to the power wheels Escalade, this year young toddlers are tearing up the side streets and turning heads as they whiz by.

The hot wheels electric vehicles come in two groups, there re those designed for toddlers aged 1-2 years old and those made for children of 2-6 years of age. The cars made for he younger group are much smaller in design, fitting just one person where as the older groups can fit up to two passengers and have a more powerful motor. The great thing about these toys is that they are not only exclusively for boys, but an equal number of the electric vehicles have been given a feminine touch that will appeal to young girls as well. To give you a better idea of the range of different hot wheels electric vehicles available, here are two of the current top online sellers.

Power wheels escalade (for ages 3+)

This miniature copy of the real life luxury Cadillac Escalade definitely looks the part with doors that open on either side of this 2-seater electric vehicle. Fisher Price has added all the details down to the air conditioner ducts, radio, CD player and even tinted front and side door windows for that extra realistic affect and more fun for the kids while playing make believe. The power wheels Escalade runs on a small 12 volt rechargeable battery, which accelerates it to a top speed of about 5mph going forward and half that speed in reverse. Parents who are worried that 5mph is too fast for their little ones can opt for a lower voltage battery for slower speeds.

Power wheels Barbie lil quad (for ages 1-2)

This electric vehicle is the perfect design for any young girl, who is a fan of the Barbie cartoons. It is basically a miniature pink quad bike that runs on a low 6 volt battery putting its top speed at just 2mph so mums and dads won t have to worry about their daughter getting into an accident. This particular bike is powered by a simple on and off button located on the right handle bar, it moves forward when pressed and stops instantly on release. This is an ideal gift for any out going little tike and can actually help young children develop their hand eye coordination for when they are older.