what are the advanatages of getting kia motability cars!
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Motability is a scheme gaining attention in which people with disability or limited mobility are provided with wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale. Vehicles like second hand wheelchair accessible vehicles are provided to them and half of the price is paid under this scheme.

Not does this scheme pay half the price, it also customizes the car free of cost. The change in steering wheel or clutches according to the buyers requirement are done and that too with any payment. So KIA motability allows immobile people to find the right ride for them to move around with freedom.

Also through this scheme, the vehicle owners get free insurance for some time and even get their road tax paid. And if you become bored of your old car, you can change it and enjoy a new ride altogether. Kia motability scheme has helped the impaired people in regaining their confidence and independent. Increased mobility through wheelchair accessible vehicles has made life a little easier for them.

Schemes like these provide an opportunity to live their life independently to the most ignored group of people in today’s society. Programmers like these have helped such people fight for their rights and live a pretty decent like, a normal life.

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